The Verdict 111

This week it’s a story-centric party with Snappy and Nova throwing down more Neverwinter news than you can shake a Gnome at. Star Trek: Renegades teases us with a new trailer, and Kevin Smith man crushes all over the new Batsuit. All this and the new X-box One launch…..needless to say it ain’t good.

podcast 111

The Verdict Episode 110

The Verdict episode 110

It’s a weird week with human Snappy outing Nova’s impending nuptials. Snappy the Alligator hacks in for his creepiest moment barring his outrageous singing. All this with a STO Season 8 first week review, Star Wars rumours, more “ums” than you can shake a stick at and of course Batkid saves the day.

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Batkid’s Make-a-Wish Transforming San Francisco Into Gotham Is Fulfilling 5-Year-Old Leukemia Patient Miles’ Wish to Be Batman

New LORD OF THE RINGS Based Game MIDDLE-EARTH: SHADOW OF MORDOR Announced | Gotham News[PRESS RELEASE] Burbank, Calif. – Nov. 12, 2013 – Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, a next-generation, third-person action game set in Middle-earth that explores an original story of vengeance and redemption. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is in d…

The complete guide to Star Wars: Episode VII Wars: Episode VII – the movie gets a release date. Rumours abound regarding J.J Abrams’ upcoming continuation of George Lucas’ celebrated Star Wars saga, with the latest confirmed report being that the movie now has an official release date. Hurray!Star Wars: Episode VII is set to hit screens o…

Star Trek Did You Know A Klingon Won on Election Day? www.startrek.comStar Trek News – Did you know that a Klingon won on Election Day? had details!


The Verdict Episode 109

The Verdict episode 109

Nova and human Snappy review issue 8 of TSW. Neverwinter gets skimishy, and it is season 8 eve in STO. Lots of comic and movie news with reviews of Thor and previews galore. What is this? For no good reason…..I AM IRON MAN!!

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Bond girl Olga Kurylenko in talks to play Wonder Woman – report Bond girl Olga Kurylenko is reportedly in talks to try on the Wonder Woman costume for the Man Of Steel sequel.

STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Theatrical Release Scheduled for December 18th, 2015 | Gotham News www.gotham-news.comWith pre-production in full-swing, a confirmed release date of December 18, 2015, has been set for Lucasfilm’s highly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII.

Marvel to develop 4 original series for Netflix YORK, N.Y. – Marvel will develop four original series for Netflix in a deal that gives the streaming service one of its most high-profile content partnerships.

THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG Fan Event: New Trailer, Details from the Cast & Sneak Peek… www.gotham-news.comFrom Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson comes The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, the second of a trilogy of films adapting the enduringly popular masterpiece The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien.

The Verdict Episode 108

The Verdict episode 108

Halloween reviews of Neverwinter, The Secret World….and STO? Arkham fails with glitches everywhere. Extra Life falls prey to dicks…and more Star Trek news than you can shake a stick at. Finally what is this? Captain Kirk gets a US naval ship? That’s right we want you as a new recruit.

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The Verdict Episode 107

The Verdict episode 107

It’s almost Halloween and scares galore with TSW, and NW. Which will be the bigger hit? Dark World or Winter Soldier? Russia hates on Rift, and Nova provides us with no actual news in regards to Hex. All this and a new video game cover band. Will it be a Critical Hit?

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The Verdict Episode 106

The Verdict episode 106

It’s the Nova and Snappy show yet again, and of course absolute power corrupts absolutely. We have a date for Season 8’s featured episode in STO as well as good news for reputation alt sufferers. Human Snappy gives a preview of the new Dyson Sphere Battle Zone and no one cares about Neverwinter’s Coins of Waukeen. Also some heavy comic talk with Before Watchmen. So who watches the Watchmen?….we do.

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The Verdict Episode 105

A deadly plague rolls over Texas and Zig is down for the count. Human Snappy and Dr. Nova take over the show, and you know what that means…..MORE STAR TREK!!! Listen as we talk about season 8 in STO where no Star Trek series has gone before, dinosaurs with fricken’ lasers in their heads, pay to win and a new tutorial. Hell we even have time to discuss TSW, Thor, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Defiance and Vikings. Get out your leash and take your Hadrosaur for a walk.


The Verdict 105

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The Verdict 104

The gang skips a week as the team just can’t go on without human Snappy, while alligator Snappy continues to be recorded. Nova gives Snappy some non-sexual healing in TSW. Zig predicts doom for Neverwinter as the shards merge. All this plus it’s Katee Sackhoff’s boob vs. Hugh Jackman’s ass…can there actually be a winner? Yes it’s you our loyal fans.

The Verdict 104

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The Verdict Episode 103

The Verdict episode 103

Put on your rainwear as it is a monsoon of fun. Nova interviews Andy Velasquez Lead Producer for Neverwinter. Snappy gives STO the gears….has the world gone mad? Nova remains directionally challenged in The Secret World and GTA is doing huge sale and theft numbers. All this and probably way too much talk about Katee Sackhoff’s boob.

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GRAND THEFT AUTO V Worldwide Sales Surpass $1 Billion in First Three Days | Gotham News www.gotham-news.comGrand Theft Auto V, developed by Rockstar Games (a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.), was released for Xbox and PlayStation gaming systems on September 17th, 2013.

The Verdict Episode 102

The Verdict episode 102

The gang is finally all here and they turn on Snappy. Zig wonders why there aren’t more heroes in Mattersville (or farming). The Gorn seethes in JJ hate declaring him his arch-nemesis, while Nova sends Zig on a top secret undercover mission in STO….will he survive (or actually do it)? All this and the Rock is the Fall Guy…too bad it’s by WWE studios.

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